Storm Automation

Your Testing Solution

Test Builder

Benefit from our selenium expertise in testing code. We’ll generate your code for you in our free tool: a web based pre-built development environment to assist those who are creating their own customized automated testing programs. Learn more.

Power Runner

An automatic test-configuring build server that will run any test on our cloud, or connect to other hosted solutions. All with no configuration. Learn more.

A finished automation framework that can handle selenium for all browsers (remote and local), Appium for mobile and iOS, and HTTP API calls both through JavaScript in the selenium browser and through the framework’s own HTTP client. The framework follows the page object model and has a chrome plugin to assist in making those page objects. When you sign up, a development environment will be set up connecting the automation framework to a cloud integrated development environment (powered by eclipse).

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The Storm Power Runner will run your tests faster in our pre-configured, maintenance free cloud. Seamlessly integrate into your current pipeline and test with high concurrency. With a clean, easy to use user interface, simple testing has never been so graspable.

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