Carefree Testing with the Storm Power Runner

We have cloud-based virtual machines you can connect to for a fraction of the cost that you would pay using any of the leading competitors offering virtual machine services. What if you have your own virtual machine farm set up already? No problem! We will give you step by step instructions on how to export your framework and automated test scripts. There’s no catch! You can come back and use our free tool for as long as you want.

Founded by a seasoned quality assurance engineer, Storm Automation understands the shortcomings that a QA team faces. We learned how to write selenium scripts without an experienced programmer to give direction. We’ve experienced the frustration of setting up a build server to run the automated tests. We understand management’s dilemma of wanting the benefit of automated testing but not being able to afford the upfront cost and resources to get it started. That is why we bring you a solution that significantly lowers your upfront costs, in some cases removes them completely. A solution that removes all confusion of configuring build servers to run tests, and offers one that just works.

A build server designed specifically for automated testing.

Job Generator

The job generator will parse through a repository and find all the test methods. When all the tests are found they will be formatted and displayed in the runner, available to be selected to run. When a test is selected to run there will be a small prompt for test parameters.

Job Executor

The Executor will run the selected tests at any level of parallelization as specified by the user.

The Facts

Power Runner Fact 1

The Power Runner does not use a selenium grid so there is no possibility of network connection or timeout issues.

Power Runner Fact 2

The Power Runner runs like a build server and can connect to a mobile device cloud or selenium grid without any issues.

Power Runner Fact 3

The Power Runner requires no manual configuration for adding new tests.

Power Runner Fact 4

Our virtual machines are not reused. They are destroyed and recreated every test run, preventing any security issues from a shared node.